Demux Black Friday 50% off

  1. The Demux promotion is applicable only to specific locations as determined by the Fibre Network Operator, not RSAWEB.  
  2. The promotion is exclusively available for new installations or reconnection orders and is not applicable to customers with an active Demux connection.  
  3. The Black Friday promotion does not cover regrades (upgrades/downgrades), and  
  4. Only orders placed before December 30th are eligible.  
  5. Annual CPI increases apply, and RSAWEB reserves the right to modify pricing.  
  6. RSAWEB strives to provide accurate eligibility information, but discrepancies may occur. In such cases, RSAWEB reserves the right to retract the promotion and offer the standard promotion if applicable.  
  7. If a customer upgrades/downgrades during this period, they will revert to standard pricing. 
  8. Customers who cancel or are terminated due to non-payment cannot reconnect on this pricing and will be subject to standard pricing upon reconnection.  
  9. Promotion Duration:  
    1. The promotional pricing is valid for up to 12 months with CPI annual increases applying. RSAWEB reserves the right to modify pricing. 
  10. Pro-Rata Billing:  
    1. To ensure you receive the full value of the promotion, customers will initially be billed at the full standard price for their chosen service for the pro rata invoice. After this initial billing, the 50% discount will apply for the remainder of the 2-month period. 
    2. After the initial billing this will then go to the promotional pricing advertised. 
  11. Promotion Changes:  
    1. RSAWEB reserves the right to change or remove this promotion at any time without prior notice. 
  12. Customer Responsibility:  
    1. If a customer unjustifiably benefits from a promotional discount, they must immediately notify RSAWEB of the incorrect billing. 
  13. Reimbursement:  
    1. By availing of this promotion, the customer agrees to fully reimburse RSAWEB for any amounts due and payable to the company if the promotion was wrongly applied. 
  14. Exclusive Promotion:  
    1. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or coupon, except for the Sanlam Reality Rewards Membership promotion. 
  15. Promotion Deadline:  
    1. The promotion is only applicable for orders placed before the 30th of December 2023. 
  16. Order Processing:  
    1. If RSAWEB is unable to process an order for reasons not attributed to their fault, the promotion pricing will not be applicable. 
  17. Standard Pricing: Once the period of the promotional pricing has concluded, standard pricing thereafter will be as follows:  
  • 10/10Mbps: R365pm  
  • 25/25Mbps: R445pm  
  • 50/50Mbps: R575pm  
  • 100/100Mbps: R675pm  
  • 200/200Mbps: R795pm  
  • 500/500Mbps: R845pm  
  • 1000/200Mbps: R995pm  

Pricing is subject to change. 

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