Awaiting Line Release from Your Previous Internet Service Provider

We have been informed by your new fibre service provider that your line at your address is still active with another Internet Service Provider (ISP). To move forward with your new connection, we are waiting for the line to be released so we can take over.

Line Release Date

According to the provider, the line will only be released on the date communicated by your previous ISP. We are actively engaging with the provider to expedite this process; however, we cannot directly engage with the other ISP on your behalf.

New Tenant? Expedite the Process

If you are a new tenant at the property, you can help speed up the process by sending us your Proof of Address or Offer to Purchase letter. This documentation will enable us to expedite the line release and get you connected faster.

Send the required documentation, o our Order Fulfilment team on live chat or email “NEW TENANT” to [email protected] and follow the prompts to log a ticket.

Our Commitment to You

Rest assured, we are working tirelessly with the provider to resolve this situation and gain ownership of the line as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and will provide you with updates as soon as we have more information on the line release and your new connection.

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