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What is Octotel Flexi Connect?

Flexi Connect is a prepaid internet product that will transform your online experience, putting you in charge! No monthly contracts, no commitments, and bills, and hello to getting connected in just 24 to 48 hours! Recharge on your terms, uncapped WiFi to enjoy unlimited streaming. Connect, learn, and entertain whenever you want. 

How does Flexi Connect work?

Octotel Flexi Connect allows you to control your internet connection, offering a prepaid system where you pay upfront for 1 month of internet access. at the end of the calendar month, the prepaid service will expire. Then simply purchase a recharge for another month.

How does my billing work?

Upon initial purchase of Prepaid Fibre, you will be required to pay for an entire month in advance, granting you access until the end of that month. Your next recharge purchase (within two months) automatically gets a discount applied equivalent to the balance of the remaining days from the first month.

For instance, if you subscribed in August but were installed on the 27th, the amount you pay for your recharge at the end of the month will be reduced to account for the 27 days of unused service.

Please Note: It is necessary to sign up for the service every month to maintain your benefits. Failure to sign up for two consecutive months will result in the forfeiture of any pro rata credits you have accumulated.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Octotel Flexi Connect gives you no strings attached connectivity by allowing you to decide when and how you want to use the service.

How does the order and installation process work?

To start, check if your address is covered at shop.rsaweb.co.za/prepaid and if you’re covered, you can select your prepaid fibre bundle. Complete your purchase either online or instore via our various payment options.
Once your payment is received, we will place your order with Octotel.

After Octotel has received and accepted the order from your RSAWEB, the Octotel team will contact you to install a Wi-Fi-enabled ONT at your home at a time convenient for you. Once installed, your connection will go live within a few minutes (if there is no other work required) and RSAWEB will provide all the details you will need to connect to your WiFi.

Installation may take up to 48 hours (depending on your availability for installation).

What speeds/packages can I get on Flexi Connect?

We offer two unlimited packages: 20/10Mbps and 80/20Mbps. Search your address by visiting our shop for more information.

Is there a limit on the amount of data I can use?

UNLIMITED! UNCAPPED!  The service is fully uncapped and unlimited. You will never have to worry about being capped or your internet service being slowed down due to usage during the 1 month of your activation bundle.

Do I need a router to connect?

No, we will install a WiFi-enabled router/ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which will allow you to connect all your devices. Your ISP will send you all the necessary information needed to get started

What areas are available on Flexi Connect?

The product is available in the following areas:

  1. Langa
  2. Pollsmoor Village
  3. Moorreesburg
  4. Struisbaai
  5. Thembalethu
  6. Kranshoek
  7. Bredasdorp

If your area is not covered, don’t worry, more areas will be added to the product from time to time, so please check our website to see if you are covered.

What happens when my internet expires at the end of the calendar month?

At the end of the calendar month, your internet service will have expired, you will have 3 days to recharge with your chosen RSAWEB before your service will get suspended. If you have not recharged after 14 days, your service will be canceled and you will need to re-order with RSAWEB.

How do I recharge?

At the end of the calendar month, you will be directed to a dedicated webpage on your device, where you will be able to purchase a new 1 month voucher with your current RSAWEB. Just follow the instructions to recharge and once completed, you will be reconnected to the internet.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my package?

You can upgrade to the 80/20Mbps or downgrade to the 20/10Mbps package only after your current prepaid service has expired.

When your existing prepaid bundle expires and you need to recharge you can choose any package speed, which allows for flexibility for depending on your speed needs and what you can afford.

How do I get assistance with my order or support?

In case you need any help getting your service to work, you can contact our support team:

Customer support: LOG A TICKET

Phone: 087 470 0000

Chat online: LIVE CHAT

Please click here if you need to reset your MyRSAWEB password.

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