Fibre Service Order Rejected

We regret to inform you that your fibre service order has been rejected by the provider, as they have reported that your address already has an active connection in their system. To help you understand the reasons behind this decision and the next steps, we have listed three possible scenarios:

  1. Duplicate Orders: It’s possible that you placed an order with another Internet Service Provider (ISP) in addition to RSAWEB, resulting in two simultaneous orders for the same address.

  2. Active Connection: There might be an existing connection with another ISP at your property. This could be due to a previous tenant not having cancelled their service, or their cancellation notice period not being completed yet.

  3. Switching ISPs and Cancellation Process: If you are in the process of switching ISPs, it’s crucial to ensure that your current ISP has submitted your cancellation request, and the notice period has come to an end. In this case, we will require proof of cancellation from your existing ISP. We will then forward this to the provider so they can request an immediate cancellation from your current ISP.

Proof of Address: If you placed an order with more than one ISP or are a new tenant on the property, we need proof of address from you, along with a letter acknowledging that you want RSAWEB as your provider. 

Send your Proof of Address, and letter to our Order Fulfilment team on live chat or email “PROOF OF ADDRESS” to [email protected] and follow the prompts to log a ticket.

Please note that we can only connect you once your active line has been canceled. If you have a notice period, we must wait for the line to be released.

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