Fibre Installation Update: Landlord Consent Denied

We regret to inform you that your Fibre to the Home installation has encountered a roadblock. The provider has notified us that their build request has been denied by your body corporate, and we are unable to proceed with connecting you to fibre at this time.

The Perfect Alternative: Fixed LTE

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with RSAWEB Fixed LTE! This is the best alternative to keep you connected while you wait for fibre availability in your area. Enjoy fast internet with speeds of up to 150 Mbps – without the need for cables or installation.

Seamless Transition

Our RSAWEB Fixed LTE routers are fibre compatible, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free switch when Fibre becomes available for your residence. Stay connected now, and easily transition to high-speed fibre when the time comes.

Explore Fixed LTE

Find out more about RSAWEB Fixed LTE and how it can keep you connected during this waiting period. With fast internet and a seamless transition to fibre in the future, you won’t miss a beat!

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