Provisioning Issue: Help Us Get Your Fibre Service Up and Running

We have been informed by your fibre service provider that they are experiencing difficulties provisioning your line at your address. To help us resolve this issue and get you connected as soon as possible, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is switched on and all lights are green. The provisioning process won’t work if the ONT is off.

  2. Take clear photos of the front and back of the Fibre box installed in your home while the device is on, and upload them using the link provided in the email with the subject line: “We are unable to provision your Fibre service”

  3. Alternatively, you can send your photos to our Order Fulfilment team on live chat or email “ONT PHOTOS” to [email protected] and follow the prompts to log a ticket.

Next Steps

The provider will attempt to provision your line remotely. If they are unsuccessful, they may need to arrange an onsite visit to resolve the issue. Please be aware that the provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) for addressing provisioning issues is 3-5 business days if a remote fix is possible. If onsite support is required, the resolution time may be longer.

Billing Reminder

Please note that your billing starts from the completion of the installation, not from when you begin using the service. It’s essential to help us get your connection established as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation in resolving this issue. We are committed to getting you connected to your high-speed fibre service as quickly as possible.

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