July 2023 Price Adjustments

RSAWEB believes in ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional services and value for all our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your continued loyalty towards RSAWEB.  

Unfortunately, due to recent increases in the cost of Fibre Services from Thinkspeed (previously Century City Connect) to RSAWEB, we regrettably have no choice but to pass these price adjustments onto our valuable customers. These changes will affect all Thinkspeed customers, irrespective of which ISP (Internet Service Provider) they are partnered with. 

As a business, we understand the financial pressures many South African households face, hence we are constantly working to keep our customer prices stable. As a result, RSAWEB has not increased customer prices for the past three years, this is despite significant increases in operating costs. Regrettably, due to Thinkspeed increasing their prices, we need to adjust pricing to continue investing into our network and services, ensuring that we still provide the best online experience for our customers. 

SpeedNew Monthly Price
Thinkspeed FTTH 30/15 Uncapped R760
Thinkspeed FTTH 50/25 Uncapped R905
Thinkspeed FTTH 100/50 Uncapped R1045
Thinkspeed FTTH 200/100 Uncapped R1235
Thinkspeed FTTH 500/250 Uncapped R1390
Thinkspeed FTTH 1000/500 Uncapped R1555

Frequently asked questions

It will reflect in your invoice that will be sent to you 21 June 2023.

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