Openserve Prepaid Fibre

  • Only available in at Openserve address within the Openserve Pre-paid network coverage. 
  • No router required. 
  • Customers can purchase multiple bundles at the same time and these bundles will be activated in accordance with the sequence they were purchased. 
  • Bundles dormant (not used) for 180 days will expire. 
  • The Openserve Prepaid Connect service is only available on a pre-paid once-off term. 
  • If the Openserve installed fibre line is dormant for a period of 90 (ninety) days, during which period no bundle is purchased, the relevant line will only be reactivated buy the customer buys an applicable 7-day reactivation bundle. 
  • Openserve shall charge a call-out fee in all instances where the client has requested Openserve to attend to any fault in respect of an Openserve Prepaid Connect, where such fault is at a point in the network beyond the WiFi enabled ONT or where such fault is as a result of the end-user’s activities, including but not limited to any activity that may have caused damage to the WiFi enabled ONT, as well as power interruption incidents which could have been reasonably prevented by the client. 
  • In the event of any fault being detected on the Openserve network where such fault caused downtime experienced by the End-user, Openserve will allocate a suitable bundle option to the relevant fibre line to compensate for the downtime experienced by the End-user. 
  • Usage threshold (Fair Usage Policy: Each top-up has a 200GB threshold, if the threshold is reached the service will remain uncapped at 4Mbps, until the next top-up and service will resume back to 20Mbps. 

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