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Openserve Web Connect is a fibre-to-the-home service available only to residential home customers, this service is not available to business customers. Openserve Web Connect is only available at very specific Openserve-selected addresses, if your address is not listed by Openserve as a Web Connect address, we will not be able to proceed with your order. You will be required to order a standard Openserve FTTH service. The Web Connect product is available only in select Openserve locations. RSAWEB reserves the right to reject applications if it falls outside the coverage for Openserve Web Connect (Fibre Lite). 

Hardware & Equipment 

  • Openserve Web Connect does not require a router, as the ONT (installed by Openserve) is WiFi enabled. Standard Openserve Fibre services are available in these areas and are available for sign up and upgrading at standard Openserve pricing. Should you upgrade to standard Openserve Fibre, the WiFi-enabled ONT will need to be replaced by Openserve and RSAWEB will courier a free to use (rental) router to you. 
  • All equipment provided to you for the purposes of the FTTH Service shall remain the exclusive property of Openserve. 
  • You agree to take reasonable care with such equipment; you may not sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, assign or encumber such equipment; you may not re-locate such equipment without the Fibre Line Installer’s knowledge and written permission; you will inform any landlord that such equipment is owned by Openserve and therefore not subject to any landlord’s hypothec; and if such equipment is lost, stolen or damaged or sold, leased, mortgaged, transferred, assigned, encumbered or not returned, you agree that you may be required to pay the Fibre Line Installer the reasonable value of such equipment, together with any costs incurred by RSAWEB or the Fibre Line Installer in seeking possession of such equipment. 

Installation Time: The standard installation time for Openserve is about 2-3 weeks for live buildings in live areas. Installation times are not guaranteed. 


Set-Up Fees 

  • RSAWEB Covers this fee on your behalf if you cancel or are suspended due to non-payment this fee will be clawed back. 
  • The installation fee covers the first 8 meters, Openserve then charges you R180-R220 per meter thereafter (They will first quote you, and only upon acceptance of quotation will they proceed with the work). The 8 metres is only if you require trenching in your property and this is 8 metres birds-eye-view irrelevant of the route taken.


Cancellation Fees 

  • If you cancel within 12 months of going live, you are liable to pay the R2 300,00 Installation fee and the R575 Connection Fee. 
  • The installation fee does not apply if you already have a fibre line installed which is not damaged and still active, however, the connection fee (R575) will still be applicable upon cancellation. 
  • One calendar month notice period is needed for the cancellation of your services. Please note you are responsible for cancelling your existing services such as ADSL or fibre with another provider (if applicable) when signing up with RSAWEB. 
  • All cancellations must be submitted by submitting a ticket to be processed. You will receive a cancellation form to complete accepting any relevant T&C’s, cancellations will be accepted upon completion of this process. 


Fair Usage Policy 

  • Openserve is the Fibre Line Installer for the Openserve FTTH Lite Web Connect product and provides the FTTH service. 
  • FTTH Service for Openserve FTTH Lite (Openserve Web Connect) 
  • Data is provided by Openserve and NOT RSAWEB. Openserve has a Fair Use Policy, as specified below: 
  • 20Mbps has a 200 GB FUP 
  • 30Mbps has a 300 GB FUP 
  • Once the threshold has been reached, the FTTH Service will be downgraded to 20% of the ordered product speed. During peak hours, you may not experience the full speed if Openserve’s FUP is applied. 
  • Indemnity: RSAWEB is not liable for actions and/or omissions of the Fibre Line Installer and shall not be liable to you or any third party for any claim or loss or damages or problems in respect of, caused by or arising from the Fibre Line Installer in relation to exercising any provision of the Fibre Line Installer’s FUP and you indemnify RSAWEB against all losses, damages or claims from third parties in this regard. 

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